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Your credit union was organized on October 1959 at a meeting held at the Central Fire Station at 200 E. Wayne Street. Nine firefighters formed the not-for-profit financial service cooperative with the purpose of helping members improve their financial well being. After many years at the Central Fire Station, the Credit union purchased a building and moved it to our present location 1122 S. Main Street.

The original charter members were Virgil Martz, Richard Sowala, Lowell Badman, Joseph Szekendi, Richard Busfield, John Filchak, Harold Schuttrow, Russell Hoffman, George Krovitch.

The first manager of South Bend Firefighters Federal Credit Union was Richard Sowala followed by Joseph Nyerges with 27 years of dedicated service and recently retired Margaret Walden with 30 years of service. Present employees to be recognized are: Manager Darlene Lopez, Assistant Manager Becky Pohl, Kelli Michael, Haley Luhrsen, Jenna Blume, Heather Clizbe, Elizabeth Coney, Michelle Jahr, and Cindy Shubert. They have all given an enormous amount of time to bring the credit union to where it is today.

Our credit union Motto is “People Helping People.” We’re all working together to help each other. As member-owners, we all have a stake in the credit union’s success. The better our credit union does, the better you do. That’s the value of credit union membership.

Board of Directors - 2021
  • Nick Kowalski - President
  • Margaret Walden - Vice President
  • Brian Ruckert - Secretary
  • Dave Cherrone - Treasurer
  • Mike Damiano - Security Officer
  • Larry Regina - Educational
  • David Schackow - Membership
  • Supervisory Committee
  • Brad Fuelling
  • Nick Miller
  • John Knepp

As a member, you have a voice and vote that counts! At the annual meeting, you elect the Board of Directors. Throughout the year, your comments and concerns account for many of the changes in services offered.

Online Services

South Bend Firefighters Federal Credit Union is pleased to provide it's members 24 hour access to many services to help you take advantage of the products we offer to help you meet your financial needs. Some of the Online Services are:

  • Applications for loans, credit card, debit/ATM card.
  • Online Check Reordering.
  • Calculators for many types of needs.
  • Home Banking.
  • Bill Pay
  • Mobile Banking
  • NADA Lookup Values
  • Log and Pay VISA Account
  • Auto Warranties

Do not hesitate to use these services Here or to contact us for assistance.

Here are a couple of books we suggest from our reading list:
Here are a couple of YouTubes video to help you learn more: